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WTHT: Slovenia Open 2013
Kranj - 9. 11. 2013
List of registered players

Slovenian Cup 2013/14
1. Bernard Rjavec0
2. Nejc Škrlep0
3. Anže Božič0
4. Uroš Matanović 0
5. Bernard Škrlep0

Slo-Cro InterCup 2013/14
1. Nejc Škrlep0
2. Vjekoslav Kufrin0
3.Bernard Rjavec0
4.Bernard Škrlep0
5.Kristijan Ćurković0

Kolesarski center
OŠ Franceta Prešerna

Kontakt: nhzs.info@gmail.com

Magor Papp won Zagreb Open 20072007-11-05 14:59:00
Second destination of Sportaster Tour 2007/2008 was capital of Croatia - Zagreb. Players from Slovenia reached places from 5th to 8th place. The big winer was Magor Papp from Hungary. Next destination of SM Tour will be in Budapest (17th november).

This is special report from Bjarne Axelsen published at SM Tour official page:

The day after in Zagreb Open 2007 the hungarians made their revenche.
Magor Papp and Balint Nagy ended up in the final where Balint had a 4-0 in hand around one minute before the end of the deciding match but Magor managed to come back and took the blue trophy with a 5-4 victory after sudden victory.

Here Bjarne Axelsen took the bronce medal by beatening Kristijan Curkovic in their 4th play off series throughout the last 9 months.
Kristijan won the first match with a secure 7-3 but after that Bjarne managed to stop his clashing centermove.

Also here the drama was already in the 1/8-finals where the silvermedalist Balint Nagy struggled by beatening Marko Curkovic and only succeeded after 5 matches like Uros Matanovic - the young slovenian star - also did to Barnabas Parkanszki from Hungary.

In total Bjarne Axelsen won the Adriatic Weekend with 1 silver and 1 bronze while Bernard Rjavec finished 2nd in this competition with gold from Slovenia and the 5th position from Podsused near by Zagreb.

All the participants from Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland, Hungary and Denmark enjoyed the fantastic dramas and exitement which was made by an extremely living audience which transformed this to not just some great matches but also into great matches with top sport atmosphere and pressure.
Though all the participating countries demonstrated abilities to shout with words as "Igra", "Sadan", "Igen" and "Cüplik"

Complete results from Zagreb Open 2007