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WTHT: Slovenia Open 2013
Kranj - 9. 11. 2013
List of registered players

Slovenian Cup 2013/14
1. Bernard Rjavec0
2. Nejc Škrlep0
3. Anže Božič0
4. Uroš Matanović 0
5. Bernard Škrlep0

Slo-Cro InterCup 2013/14
1. Nejc Škrlep0
2. Vjekoslav Kufrin0
3.Bernard Rjavec0
4.Bernard Škrlep0
5.Kristijan Ćurković0

Kolesarski center
OŠ Franceta Prešerna

Kontakt: nhzs.info@gmail.com

Bernard Rjavec - the winner of Slovenia Open 20072007-10-30 18:51:54
39 players from 5 countries came to Slovenia Open 2007, the first tournament in Sportmaster tour in the season 2007/08.
All top 24 ranked players reached the final group, the first big surprises occured in the 1/8 final.
B. Parkanszki beat his teammate M. Papp, U. Matanovic made an incredible comeback after 0:2 against B. Nagy, A. Engel beat the higher ranked Slovenian N. Skrlep and L. Altmann beat J. Skrlep.
B. Rjavec took advantage of having "easier oppononets" and after beating L. Altmann in the 1/4 final and B. Parkanszki in the 1/2 final reached the final wher he won with a sudden death goal in the fitfh game against B. Axelsen who had hard job before with T. Weisseisen, U. Matanovic and K. Curkovic.
K. Curkovic got bronze medal and put the best Hungarian B. Parkanszki to the fourth place.
That was a big dissapointment for them after getting gold and bronze in 2006. But they got it all back next day in Zagreb ...
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