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WTHT: Slovenia Open 2013
Kranj - 9. 11. 2013
List of registered players

Slovenian Cup 2013/14
1. Bernard Rjavec0
2. Nejc Škrlep0
3. Anže Božič0
4. Uroš Matanović 0
5. Bernard Škrlep0

Slo-Cro InterCup 2013/14
1. Nejc Škrlep0
2. Vjekoslav Kufrin0
3.Bernard Rjavec0
4.Bernard Škrlep0
5.Kristijan Ćurković0

Kolesarski center
OŠ Franceta Prešerna

Kontakt: nhzs.info@gmail.com

Slovenia Open 20142014-09-26 06:41:00
(This is a redirected news from http://www.nhzs.si/index-novica.php?topic_id=185)

MORE INFO on Slovenia Open 2014 - 8. 11. 2014: Kranj (Slovenija)

Slovenia Open will be held for the 9th time.

This is the 8th WTHT tournament in the season 2014/15. It also belongs to Slovenian Cup series.

Event is organized by Slovenian table hockey association (NHZS).

Tournament will be held on Saturday, 8th of November at France Preseren Primary school.

Tournament starts at 10:15. You have to confirm your registration before 9:45.

Entry Fee: 5 EUR.

Pre-register here!

List of registered players

Playing format:

Number of players < 25

1 big basic group, then Play off with TOP 16 players and play off for best 4 juniors (Primary school)

Number of players > 25

2 basic groups, then final and placement group. Then Play off with TOP 16 players and play off for best 4 juniors (Primary school)



9:00 -  9:45 Registration

10:15 Tournament start

13:00 Lunch time

14:30 Play Off

18:30 Final Ceremony

Accomodation: If you need a place to sleep, send email to nhzs.info@gmail.com!

Referee committee: will be announced later

Prizes: big cup for the winner, medals, diplomas etc.

Former winners 

2006: Magor Papp (Hun)

2007: Bernard Rjavec (Slo)

2008: Vaclav Pikl (Cze)

2009: Kristijan Curkovic (Cro)

2010: Bjarne Axelsen (Den)

2011: Bjarne Axelsen (Den)

2012: Kristijan Curkovic (Cro)

2013: Vaclav Pikl (Cze)