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WTHT: Slovenia Open 2013
Kranj - 9. 11. 2013
List of registered players

Slovenian Cup 2013/14
1. Bernard Rjavec0
2. Nejc Škrlep0
3. Anže Božič0
4. Uroš Matanović 0
5. Bernard Škrlep0

Slo-Cro InterCup 2013/14
1. Nejc Škrlep0
2. Vjekoslav Kufrin0
3.Bernard Rjavec0
4.Bernard Škrlep0
5.Kristijan Ćurković0

Kolesarski center
OŠ Franceta Prešerna

Kontakt: nhzs.info@gmail.com

There is only one ... Kristijan Ćurković!2011-05-09 10:42:21
K. Ćurković from Croatia had really a great weekend in Sevnica and Zagreb. Not only he won both tournaments, he is also the overall winner of the Slo-Cro Intercup and is on hte best way to win also the Slovenian Cup.

In Sevnica there were 22 players, we watched great battle in the finals and saw amazing final between K. Ćurković and B. Axelsen. One medal stayed in Slovenia, thanks to B. Rjavec:

Next day we were awaiting another tough final match, but V. Kufrin stopped B. Axelsen in the semi final and make Croatians happy. This time it was U. Matanovic's turn to get a medal for Slovenia!

Unfortunately there was nobody who could prevent our poor outcome in the Slo-Cro Intercup, 2 cups went to Croatia, one to Denmark:

Slovenia Cup will continue in Kranj end of May, the national squad for Turku has been confirmed on the national delegate's conference in Sevnica: U. Matanovic, B. Rjavec, N. Skrlep, K. Starman and B. Skrlep.

Results from Sevnica.

Photos from Sevnica and Zagreb.

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