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WTHT: Slovenia Open 2013
Kranj - 9. 11. 2013
List of registered players

Slovenian Cup 2013/14
1. Bernard Rjavec0
2. Nejc Škrlep0
3. Anže Božič0
4. Uroš Matanović 0
5. Bernard Škrlep0

Slo-Cro InterCup 2013/14
1. Nejc Škrlep0
2. Vjekoslav Kufrin0
3.Bernard Rjavec0
4.Bernard Škrlep0
5.Kristijan Ćurković0

Kolesarski center
OŠ Franceta Prešerna

Kontakt: nhzs.info@gmail.com

Sevnica to Matanovič, Zagreb and Slo-Cro cup to Pikl2009-10-07 03:46:41
Slovenian Sportmaster tournament was for the first time held in Sevnica, where the organizers did really a good job. Slovenian players played a big roll in the competition, 4 of them got to the playoffs. U. Matanovič got the gold medal by winning the first favourite V. Pikl from Czech Republic, in five matches. Thr bronze medal was taken by B. Rjavec which defeated Nejc Škrlep. The best Croat was K. Curkovič (5.), the best hungarian suprisingly L. Altmann (7.).

Meanwhile the Sportmaster tour winner was already known (B. Axelsen), we had to wait for the winner of Slo-Cro cup one more day. On sunday there was the last tournament in both competitions, Croatia Open 2009. Meanwhile Slovenia had 4 players in playoffs again, hungarians did worser with only one. U. Matanovič reached to the final from the back, where he played with V. Pikl again. But this time the fortune was on the Pikl's side. The victory was after overtime in fifth decisive match taken by Pikl, who became the winner of Slo-Cro cup, and took the 2nd place in Sportmaster series. K. Curkovič did well in the bronze medal match against B. Rjavec and took care that at least one medal stayed at home.